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“I used to be a music teacher, but now I’m working on my dream career. This opportunity has brought me so much more income. I’m earning bitcoin bonuses! This door would not have opened if not for RCA, invest in your future. If you’re thinking about it, you should probably do it.”
Cole’s team placed me in a real estate sales job about 5 months ago. It’s been awesome, great fit for myself, love the people in this company. I’ve been doing $30-$40k in commissions each month. One of my best weeks broke the company sales record. Can’t recommend the program enough. Awesome training and tons of support.
I was at a fork in the road. I was a partner in a marketing agency and running an ecommerce store. But I was burned out and I wanted something different. I wanted more time and more flexibility, and this was perfect. The training was amazing.The people in here are landing positions like hotcakes, myself included. I landed my dream position 32 days after joining the program. And the numbers are real.
“Before I was in the fintech world. Came across Cole’s ad on Facebook. I decided to send in an application and spoke with Sivana. It was obvious they wanted to hire solid people for solid companies, which put a lot of my skepticism to rest. A week and a half later, she set me up with an interview and I’ve been working here 5 months now. I’m up to $470,000 in cash collected with a 60% close rate. I also have a lot of control over my schedule. I’ve been able to get a dog and start saving for a house. Becoming an inbound closer has really changed my life.”
What a transformational experience this has been. Before, I was a marketing manager doing some freelance work. But I decided I wanted to go all in on one skill set with high income potential. I just accepted a position as a setter with a base compensation of $73k per year. Lots of growth potential and the company culture is amazing. Really excited for the journey ahead.
Before the program, I was doing solar panel sales. After I connected with Sivana and got approved for the recruitment program, it only took 2 weeks to get hired at the agency I’m with now. I started as an appointment setter and then got promoted to a closer. Now I make 20% on deals ranging from $2,500 up to $5,000.
“I went through the program 2 months ago, and now I’m working for an amazing company. The training was nuts, and everybody from the team was so helpful to me. I can’t thank them enough.”
Prior to RCA, I had no idea remote closing even existed. I hated having to work in an office all the time. When I found out about it, I jumped in right away. Loved the course material. Most valuable training I’ve ever had in my life. The recruitment process was a big perk. Within a few days, I got placed in a setter role with a ton of earning potential. If I hadn’t done this, I’d still be working a 9 to 5. Now I get to do what I love.
The program has everything to take you from a complete beginner to absolute pro in sales. Now I can work for other companies I admire and want to work with. And eventually, I’ll be able to go start my own thing.
“I’ve been in the program for 3 weeks and just closed my first deal. I feel really confident on my calls. Cadence, tonality, how to get deep on the pain — everything. I’m running my own agency at $10k per month, but this has given me so many options.”

I was placed in less than a month after joining the program, which was much faster than I expected. The group calls and training have been amazing. I’ve learned so much about sales. I’m really enjoying working on my new team. I’m learning a lot. If you’re thinking about it, go for it.
Before I was working 9 to 5 jobs that I absolutely hated. All corporate stuff. Ever since I got hooked up with Cole, my life has completely 180’d. I love my co-workers. I love how much money I’m making. I love what we offer, the clients we serve, the results we get, everything. Cole’s training is insane. Everything you need to be an A+ closer.

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